Transnational Meetings

The number of participants in the meetings will be limited to ensure a focused and productive agenda, promote healthy discussions, and incorporate diverse perspectives. Transnational project meetings will consist of 10 participants, with 2 representatives from each partner institution. In addition to the authorized person from each institution, the contact person from the host country, the project team members, and stakeholders serving as observers will be part of the transnational meetings. The host country may also invite representatives from public institutions or NGOs working with chronic patients and elderly individuals to attend project meetings.

During the transnational meetings, a maximum of 8 individuals from the host country will be present. These meetings will provide an opportunity to observe the work environment, explore local opportunities, consider environmental factors, and facilitate interaction with other project teams. The aim is to foster more efficient and harmonious meetings while gaining insights from the host institution’s expertise and creating networking opportunities.

5 transnational project meetings are planned to be held in the 2-year project period between June 1, 2021, and May 31, 2023.