SPAIN MEETING IN 26.01.2023-27.01.2023

1-Review of the tasks of each partner:
Explanation about the sessions and tests in residences
Discussion of the progress and challenges faced during the sessions
2-Review of the collection of the tests and the main results:
Analysis of the collected data from the tests administered before and after the therapies
Presentation of the key findings and observations
3-Financial situation:
Review of the financial status of the project
Discussion on the next financial report and its preparation
Review of timesheets and evidence of meetings for accurate documentation

4-NEWCREA Project Event:
Announcement and discussion of an upcoming project event
Planning and coordination of the event logistics, including venue, agenda, and participants
Discussion on the objectives and expected outcomes of the event
5- Q&A and detail the new steps to follow:
Addressing any questions, concerns, or clarifications from the partners
Discussion of the next steps and action items for the project
Planning for future activities, including scheduling of sessions and coordination of tasks