Founded in 2010, Inercia Digital S.L. is an innovative Andalusian organisation specialising in training and innovation in digital skills at an international level. We are a VET centre (Vocational Training for Employment) officially accredited by our regional government and our main area of expertise is fostering digital and entrepreneurial skills, which we make accessible through our Virtual Campus, approved by the Regional Government of Andalusia as a Virtual Training Centre for Employment (#66044). Inercia Digital has extensive experience participating in innovative European educational projects and was appointed a new member of the “Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition” of the European Commission in 2017. We’re also the proud recipients of the Certificate of Compliance AENOR EA0043 as a Young Innovative Enterprise in 2015. Our mission is to drive training and innovation in digital skills across Europe, for educational institutions as well as professionals, forthe labour market and for all European citizens in general. Our vision is to become a leading social organisation at an international level through continually-improved training and innovation in digital and entrepreneurial competences to make a contribution to economic, social and cultural digital challenges. Our ultimate goal isto boost digitalisation by improving digital and entrepreneurialskillsin education. Our values :
1. We are committed to digital culture and continuous evolution/adaptation to changes and technological advances.
2. We are committed to excellence and providing the highest standards of quality of service.
3. We are motivated to innovate, learn, share and collaborate in the digital age.
4. We support the Europe 2020 strategy, which promotes an economy based on knowledge, research and innovation, high-level education and training, adaptability and creativity,
inclusive labour markets and the active involvement of young people in society.
5. We respect the human person/individual needs and are committed to the balancing of professional, personal and family life.
6. We are committed to human development, job creation and social progress by investing in people in line with the Millennium Development Goals(MDGs).

Apprendre L’anglais is a well-established business that is instrumental in delivering Erasmus+ opportunities in Marseille,
France. Previously they operated in Croydon, United Kingdom for many years successfully and built up partnerships with
London-based companies through this. They are involved in setting up work placements, teacher shadowing opportunities,
and youth exchanges. and placements that they provide are for 2 weeks to 3 months in length. Below is a list of the fields
and job opportunities that Apprendre L’anglais offer:
● Construction
● Communication
● Youth Work
● Charity work
● Ecology
● Information technology
● Architecture
● Animation
● Museum Exhibition Multimedia roles
● Childcare
● Social care
● Social media managers
● Teachers
● Milliner’s
Apprendre L’anglais also allows people to learn about French culture while accessing language learning opportunities
through Erasmus+ Online Linguistic service (OLS) system and face-to-face language lessons. Apprendre L’anglais provides
shadowing opportunities in all the fields mentioned above. When trainees are in Marseille, Apprendre L’anglais are heavily
involved in maintaining and ensuring their placement is as smooth and enjoyable as possible. We want all who come to
Marseille to gain a lot from their time here. This involves staff communicating with landlords, companies, and trainees
regularly by being available in person or by telephone at all times. Other projects they have been involved in include the
Coco KA2 project where they alongside international partners developed a sports course to encourage inclusive and diverse
practice in sports facilitation. They also worked with rising International to improve the opinions of the police amongst
Marseille and London Youth by creating a youth exchange between the 2 countries with police officers.

Cooperativa de Formação e Animação Cultural (COFAC) is the organisation legally responsible for the maintenance of Universidade Lusófona de Humanidades e Tecnologias (ULHT) and CICANT. An important aspect of its mission is to promote the affirmation of “Lusofonia” at all levels, including its integration with other geographical and cultural areas within and outside Europe. To this end, Lusofona has served as the core of the national and international network of educational, research and cultural institutions developed and run by Lusofona University. Today, this network integrates twelve other higher education institutions, in Brasil, Moçambique, Angola and Cabo Verde. With over 10,000 students, including those on international exchange programmes, and a teaching and research staff of more than 1,000. The University offers over sixty degree courses in several scientific area, from the Natural Sciences and Engineering, to the Humanities and Fine Arts, as well as numerous opportunities for social, scientific, cultural and sports activities, at its main campus located in Lisbon. CICANT (from COFAC) is one of four poles from CIC.Digital and results from the combined efforts of all teachers in the School of Communication, Arts and Information Technologies towards the goal of creating an autonomous research unit which will allow for the integration and harnessing of all the research activities conducted within the school. This unit promotes theoretical and applied research on all its subject areas, particularly focusing on knowledge transfer and exchange with industry and similar centres in Portugal and in Europe. The CICANT research center, gathering students and faculty from Communication and Film and Media Arts Departments promotes theoretical and applied research, particularly focusing on knowledge transfer and exchange with industry and similar centers in Portugal and in Europe at the cross of media, arts, culture and technologies. CICANT distinguishes itself via its state of the art technical facilities and the highly applied nature of its research and knowledge transfer oriented teaching and learning activities. Since 2004, CICANT has been the leader of over 13 international projects supported by the Media and Erasmus Programmes of the EU, including projects focused on innovation in the engagement of young people in learning and entrepreneurship, such as Gamilearning and Cinema and Industry Alliance for Knowledge and Learning I and II – a Knowledge Alliance consortium promoting entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial mindset among film and creative media students. In the field of Media Literacy, CICANT has closed two projects in which was the leader, one funding by the National Scientific Foundation (FCT) and another by the EU under the ERASMUS+ programme (GAMILearnig and ECFOLI), and one as partner under Media Literacy For All programm (MIA). Thus, we must highlight that an important part of the research is done in the specific field of media literacy. Currently CICANT is leading three more projects, one funded by National Scientific Foundation (FCT)(GBL4DEF), other funded by the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation (DiCi-EDUCA) and another one funded by Media Literacy For All programm (MILT).