FRANCE KICK-OFF MEETING IN 25.11.2021-26.11.2021

  1. The division of labor of the intellectual outputs within the project was decided;

* Research, article writing, preparation of tests (Portugal)

*Preparation of 10 sessions of therapy ( Turkey )

*Therapy with a focus group of 10 and an elderly group of 10 (Netherlands, Turkey, France)

*Debate groups (Performed by all countries in their own organizations)

Marseille / France

2. The scales to be used for the tests were selected.                  Health, Happiness, Resilience, Negative symptoms, PANAS, Emotional Regulation, Behavioral inhibition system (BIS)/ Behavioral activation (BAS ), Quality of life, Savoring, Sociodemographic Questionnaire.

3. The decision of all institutions is to choose art therapy and apply it in the presence of art therapists. Since Turkey is experienced in art therapy, Turkey has agreed to prepare 10 sessions of art therapy. It will be sent until the next meeting, and after the second meeting, tests will be administered and therapy will begin.