Art Therapy

Art therapy is the use of artistic methods to treat psychological disorders and improve mental health. Art therapy is a method based on the belief that creative expression can help people heal and feel better.

France and Spain will apply 10 sessions of art therapy to individuals over the age of 65 within the scope of intellectual outputs.

The 10-session art therapy applied consists of the contents of our art therapists and the sessions of our art therapists in our project.

Benefits of Art Therapy for Seniors

Improved Cognitive Function

Art therapy encourages elders to create art while also stimulating their senses. Learning new art forms can help you improve your thinking skills and make it easier to make fast neural connections that may have been lost as you get older.

Improved Mood

Art therapy can help elders cope with anxiety, despair, and stress. According to studies, seniors who participated in creative arts had lower levels of despair and loneliness, and were generally happier.

Better Motor Skills

When people practice art therapy skills such as painting and drawing, they are physically exercising their hands and arms. They can improve muscle coordination, blood flow, and dexterity in the long run by doing so.

Increased Social Interaction

Seniors have the opportunity to meet like-minded persons with whom they can interact and connect on a daily basis during art therapy sessions. These interactions can help people overcome feelings of loneliness and isolation while also boosting their emotional well-being.



Greater Self-Expression

Due to mental or physical decline, seniors may have difficulty communicating verbally. Art therapy allows them to express their feelings and thoughts in a different way. Seniors can be guided through creative projects by a professional therapist, allowing them to express themselves freely.

Pain Relief

Art therapy may also help with chronic pain-related diseases. Art therapy can help people with joint diseases like arthritis decrease discomfort from inflammation by allowing them to focus on their creativity rather than their agony. Art therapy also promotes relaxation, which can aid in the relief of emotional distress.

New Thought Processes

Art therapy can also help people think about life in new ways by allowing them to use portions of their bodies and minds that they don’t often use. Exploring new movement and thoughts can assist them in re-framing their perspectives and discovering new joy.

Improved Memory

Memory loss caused by Alzheimer’s or dementia can be helped by engaging in creative activities. Painting and music may even aid in the recall of long-forgotten memories of loved ones and past events. It can also provide clarity and the ability to perform properly for persons with memory loss.