Apprendre L’anglais is an organization in Marseille, France that actively participates in Erasmus+ opportunities. They have previously operated in Croydon, United Kingdom, where they have successfully established partnerships with London-based companies. Their involvement in Erasmus+ includes various activities such as setting up work placements, internships, youth exchanges, and training programs.

The organization offers language learning opportunities through the Erasmus+ Online Linguistic service (OLS) system and provides face-to-face language lessons. They facilitate cultural immersion by allowing participants to learn about French culture while improving their language skills.

Apprendre L’anglais also provides shadowing opportunities in the fields mentioned above, allowing individuals to gain practical experience and learn from professionals in their chosen fields. During the participants’ time in Marseille, the organization ensures a smooth and enjoyable placement experience by actively maintaining communication with landlords, companies, and trainees. They strive to ensure that all participants benefit greatly from their time in Marseille.

Sarra Lamloumi

Sarra Lamloumi is the founder of Apprendre L'anglais in Croydon, established in 2012. Recognizing the importance of language education for civil society, Sarra expanded the organization's reach by establishing Apprendre L'anglais as an association in France. With a passion for adult education, youth development, and fostering learning opportunities through internships and job shadowing, Sarra takes on the role of coordinator. In the Newcrea project, she serves as the head of the project, overseeing its management and execution.

Fatma Nur Gülfem Boz

Fatma Nur Gülfem Boz has been an invaluable volunteer since 2020, contributing to the project management and content creation at Apprendre L'anglais. She specializes in facilitating youth exchanges and training courses, bringing her expertise and enthusiasm to the organization. As one of the project coordinators, Gülfem is responsible for project planning, reporting, budget control, and ensuring efficient resource allocation.

Iain Kilburn

Iain Kilburn plays a crucial role at Apprendre L'anglais, both as a French language teacher for internship participants and as a dedicated volunteer involved in project coordination and quality assessment. Within the Newcrea project, Iain serves as another coordinator, overseeing communication coordination, as well as handling information and document management responsibilities with precision and effectiveness.

Veronique Krikorian

Veronique Krikorian plays a vital role in ensuring effective communication within the organization and maintaining strong connections with stakeholders. With her expertise in communication strategies, Veronique assists in the realization of key activities such as follow-up, management, and communication within the Newcrea project. Her contribution helps to streamline processes and maintain clear and efficient communication channels.

Gaelle Marinier

Gaelle Marinier is the founder of Art thérapeute Marseille, an organization focused on art therapy. She offers counseling services to children, teenagers, adults, couples, and families, helping them find meaning in their lives, regain self-confidence, and experience happiness through art. Within the project, Gaelle's responsibilities include writing art therapy protocols, administering assessment tests to participants, providing art therapies, and receiving feedback to ensure the effectiveness of the sessions.

Şule Karakoca

Şule Karakoca holds a master's degree in psychology and serves as a psychology intern within the project. Her role involves managing technical processes during online meetings, keeping the team and partners informed about therapy timing and procedures, providing necessary resources for the therapy sessions, monitoring the progress of art therapies, facilitating communication between the therapist and participants through translation or assistance from Iain Kilburn, and handling paperwork required throughout the therapy process.