About Us

The issue of cost programs for older individuals is a pressing challenge that European countries are currently grappling with. As populations age, the strain on public resources to provide healthcare and support services for the elderly increases. In response, European countries have been actively developing new policy proposals aimed at reducing the public cost of ageing while simultaneously improving the quality of health and well-being among older individuals.

The project at hand serves as a valuable contributor to the development of these policies. By focusing on alternative approaches to burnout syndromes and addressing the needs of elderly multimorbid individuals, the project aims to alleviate the burden on healthcare systems and enhance the quality of life for this vulnerable population.

Aligned with the objectives of the Erasmus+ program, our project seeks to promote equality and inclusion. It recognizes that elderly multimorbid individuals, who are already disadvantaged due to chronic health conditions and psycho-social challenges, require targeted interventions to enhance their quality of life. Through the project, we aim to provide access to innovative approaches and resources that can empower and support these individuals, fostering greater equality and inclusion within society.

By leveraging the Erasmus+ program, we can tap into its resources, networks, and expertise to maximize the impact of our project. This collaboration allows us to pool our knowledge and experiences with other organizations and institutions across Europe, enabling us to develop effective strategies and interventions that can address the specific needs of elderly multimorbid individuals.

In summary, our project seeks to contribute to the ongoing efforts of European countries in addressing the challenges of cost programs for older individuals. Through innovative approaches, we aim to reduce health costs, alleviate burnout syndromes, and ultimately enhance the quality of life for elderly multimorbid individuals. By aligning our goals with the principles of the Erasmus+ program, we can promote equality, inclusion, and positive societal change for this vulnerable population.

Our Mission

Our mission is to bring about positive change in the lives of elderly multimorbid individuals through our therapy program. We aim to empower and motivate this target group by showcasing the gains and successes experienced by those who have undergone therapy, thereby inspiring their peers to embark on their own transformative journeys.

By increasing the quality of life for elderly multimorbid individuals, we seek to shift their life perspectives and outlooks. Through our therapy interventions, we aim to alleviate symptoms of depression and provide effective strategies to address common issues such as sleep problems, difficulties falling asleep, and excessive sleeping, without relying on medication.

Furthermore, our program aims to improve the physical health of elderly multimorbid individuals, resulting in a reduced frequency of doctor visits and a decrease in the need for excessive medication. By addressing multiple health conditions simultaneously, we aim to minimize health expenditures associated with the use of multiple drugs, thereby alleviating the financial burden on individuals and healthcare systems.

In addition to the physical benefits, our multi-therapy process also focuses on enhancing the self-esteem and communication skills of elderly multimorbid individuals. By fostering a supportive and empowering environment, we aim to boost their confidence, encourage effective communication, and facilitate stronger connections with others.

Overall, our mission encompasses a comprehensive approach to improving the lives of elderly multimorbid individuals. Through our therapy program, we seek to bring about positive changes in mental and physical well-being, reduce healthcare costs, and empower individuals to lead fulfilling lives with enhanced self-esteem and effective communication skills.